Marketing Assistance

Over the years we have identified a need among many of our clients for assistance in getting their products to market. So many of these products solve a common problem and have mass market appeal but the client may not possess the expertise or resources to get the product in front of their target market. With this in mind, OSE Product Development has forged partnerships and developed relationships with a large number of individuals and companies in the Product Placement, DRTV, Direct to Retail (Big Box Stores), and Home shopping Networks. We have even created a page on our website where these professionals can access these new and innovative products and ideas in order help the client get the products to market. We also offer Product licensing searches for our clients where we will actively market these products for our clients either for a licensing agreement or for an investor. This is a great way for those clients who do not really want to be involved in the Manufacturing, distribution, Sales, and Marketing aspects of their product to sit back and let the professionals make it happen. The clients can collect royalties while continuing to work at their day job or coming up with new and innovative product ideas.