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OSE Product Development has been working with individual inventors, entrepreneurs, start-ups and in-house engineering teams to turn concepts and ideas into fully manufactured products since 1998. Conveniently located at the intersection of Austin, San Antonio and Houston, we offer a full suite of product development services, from mechanical design, electronics, firmware, software and mobile app development through prototyping and manufacturing. We’ve designed hundreds of products for our clients, including electronics, home goods, consumer products, sports gear, industrial equipment, bio medical devices and even aerospace equipment.

We view ourselves as an extension of our clients' teams. We take the time to understand their vision for their products, learn which features are most critical, and work closely with them to formulate a plan, budget and schedule that fits their needs.   

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What You Can Expect When You Work
With Us

Concept through manufacturing product development services

Over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience

US and offshore manufacturing capabilities

Strong, long-term relationships with offshore suppliers for higher volume production

China-based team to negotiate pricing, source materials, control quality, eliminate brokerage fees and commissions

Redesign existing products to reduce costs and increase production efficiencies

Discussions covered by NDAs and NCAs

Client Testimonial

"Eric has designed several products for my customers that were done in a very timely fashion and provided a cost-effective solution for them. It is refreshing to know that Eric and his team can work closely with the clients, gather the necessary information and provide a 3-D model early in the design process so clients can get a real feel of what the design will be prior to starting the detail work. This outstanding work ethic also extends through the fabrication process to ensure that the design meets the customers' expectations." 

Greg Shield, Velocitech
Aluminum Supplier

From Concept to Shelf:

A Guide to Getting Your Product Manufactured

Helping Angle Oar Bring Innovative Kayaking Products to Market

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Product development is a complex process, and it’s okay if you’re not quite sure where to begin. OSE Product Development offers a free, no obligation consultation so we can better understand your product, needs and goals and answer all your questions before providing an estimate. This not only ensures that we adhere closely to your vision, it also allows us to offer advice and suggestions on options you may not have considered.

Complete the accompanying form to request your free consultation, and we’ll follow up with you shortly to schedule a meeting. In the meantime, feel free to review our FAQs, subscribe to our blog, or download our free guide to learn more.

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