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30+ Years of Experience 

With more than 30 years of hands-on manufacturing experience in both the US and China, we know that the financial viability of a product often hinges on choices that are made early in the development process -- choices like design direction, which parts to source, and whether to use brokers for offshore manufacturing. That’s why we provide manufacturing support from the very start of your project all the way through to production.

Whether domestic or offshore, OSE has a wide range of manufacturing technologies capable of creating products for a variety of industries, from app development, electronics and household appliances to aerospace, sporting goods and industrial automation.  

Factory Direct Pricing

What truly sets OSE Product Development apart are the strategic partnerships we have with multiple large suppliers and manufacturers in China. Because of our long-term relationships with these companies, we’re able to bypass the intermediaries normally involved with offshore manufacturing (e.g., sourcing agents, brokers) and secure factory direct pricing. This saves our clients literally thousands of dollars. In contrast, many of our competitors pay exorbitant brokers’ fees and commissions and pass those costs on to their clients.

Our team in China includes Project Managers, Product Engineers and Quality Control Engineers. They are our “boots on the ground” who oversee everything from tooling and sourcing to packaging and quality control.




Sheet Metal Fabrication

CNC Machining

Laser, Waterjet & Plasma Cutting

Injection Molding

Value Added Assembly



Sheet Metal Stamping

CNC Machining

Laser Cutting

Waterjet Cutting

Plasma Cutting



Injection Molding

Rotational Molding

Blow Molding

Vacuum Forming

Die Casting

Sand Casting



Investment Casting


Welding & Metal Fabrication

Glass & Rubber Products

Product Packaging

Assembly & Testing

Stainless Steel Hollow Bars

Strategic Advantages
of OSE’s
Chinese Partnerships

Elimination of brokers, sourcing agents and other middlemen, greatly reducing costs

Locally based team to negotiate and oversee all aspects of manufacturing

Access to factory discovery and factory audits

Opportunity to negotiate extremely competitive prices from other Chinese companies on sourced products not made in our partner factories

Ability to create legally binding, non-disclosure and non-compete agreements directly with the Chinese factories. (Something that would be impossible for a US-based company to enforce.)

Option to leverage Chinese Patent & Legal Services to protect intellectual property and deter other Chinese companies from attempting to copy a client’s products

Access to independent quality control services to audit and monitor quality
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