One of the biggest hurtles many of our clients face when creating a new product is demonstrating and explaining their vision to others. Nothing does that better than a physical prototype. Not only does this provide a way to test the product to be sure it functions as envisioned, but it serves as an extremely useful tool for marketing the idea to prospective partners, investors, and even potential Licensing prospects. OSE has been providing high quality prototyping services to our clients for over 20 years.



  • PCB (Bare Board and Fully Populated)

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Machining (CNC Turning & Milling)

  • 3D Printing (SLA, SLS, FDM)

  • RTV Short Run Tooling (25 - 50 units) (Plastic Parts)

  • Laser, Waterjet, and Plasma Cutting

  • Assembly

  • Packaging

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