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Prototype Testing: How to Know If You're Nearing the Finish Line

prototype of gel bot
Prototype designed by OSE Product Development.

Prototypes play a critical role throughout the product development cycle, whether it's to help investors see a tangible representation of your vision or to uncover hidden design flaws before going into full production.

Somewhere between those two stages you'll no doubt use your prototype(s) to get feedback from potential end users, trusted friends, work colleagues and other stakeholders. Assessing whether your product will gain acceptance in the real world is a nerve wracking, but important, part of the process.

Now is the time to actively seek constructive criticism, to ask the hard questions and listen carefully to the responses. Here are nine questions you can ask testers at this stage. Be sure to encourage for frank, honest feedback and take good notes.

Nine Questions to Ask During Prototype Testing

1. Would you use this product?

2. If so, when or under what circumstances?

3. What do you like about this product?

4. Could you see this choosing this product over other similar products that exist on the market? Why or why not?

5. Do you see a need for this product?

6. What are three things you would change about the product?

8. What is the product's greatest flaw in your opinion?

9. What is its greatest strength?


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